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Savvy Brit With Smart Meter Notices Rocketing Electricity Bills, Now She Saves £100s Every Year
If you spend more than £47 a month on electricity, this might be the most important thing you read all week. 

The gas and electricity market has never been worse for British bill payers. 

And it’s never been better to be an energy supplier… 

Gas & Electricity giants like E.ON and British Gas are making money hand over fist this month because on April 1st they put their prices through the roof. 
Suppliers are hoping to cash in on people who never check if they are being ripped off. 

That’s what Sheila Smith realised, and she said “enough”. 
What did Sheila do?
It’s genius.

As suppliers raise prices, a select number of britons have managed to flip the situation on it’s head.

Savvy Brits are cashing in and saving £100s by copying Sheila…
2 engineers from Hampshire had previously been keeping it under wraps – but it’s just been released to the public.

It’s called BillBuddy™, and Brits are flocking to sign up and secure cheaper energy

People signing up are pleasantly surprised by how much and how easily they can save £100s.
Can this actually save me money? 
BillBuddy works by taking advantage of the age old tactic big energy companies use to lure in new customers – super cheap introductory deals

You’ll have cheap bills for 10 months, then out of nowhere the provider will hike up their prices and leave you out of pocket. Not with BillBuddy… 

Before that happens, you can move to another provider on another cheap deal without having to pick up the phone or tell anyone

Simply put, BillBuddy can save you £100s every year by keeping you as a “new customer” forever. 

There are over 50 energy companies offering cheaper rates to new customers, and you’ll be kept on the cheapest

You will never have to deal with any admin, long calls with energy companies etc, BillBuddy makes the whole process a breeze. 

There are NO hidden fees and it’s completely free.
Can I trust them? 
Over 100,000 people have signed up to use BillBuddy in the past few months and their switching engine is trusted by 250,000+.

Here are some of their reviews:
How can I take advantage now? 
There’s no better time than now to lock in cheaper energy. Times are hard and, if the naysayers are right, are about to get a lot harder.

Act now and save immediately, you never know – in a few months time you might just be very happy with yourself for taking action now. 

● Step 1: Click below to say if you rent or own your home. 

● Step 2: Enter your postcode to see how much you could save.

● Step 3: Complete the signup and let BillBuddy save you £100s every year.
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